Eco Outdoor Furniture

Eco benches and tables to suit all tastes. From home garden benches to industrial parks, memorial benches and retail sectors. Made from Eco plasticwood, they are rot free and require zero maintenance and will last for 30yrs

Eco Outdoor Furniture


TM Build Eco plastic products combine strength, stiffness and toughness and is ideal for challenging environments where durability is important. It’s a highly engineered material, rigorously tested and refined to give maximum performance. Outdoor wooden products suffer badly in our damp, wet climate which is ideal for mould growth and wood rot. Unless a lot of regular maintenance and repairs are kept up, wood will warp, crack, splinter and can get infested by insects and bugs which with time will destroy your purchase. 
Within a short space of time they will take on a green hue of algae growth which can get onto and ruin your clothing. Not so with our Eco (recycled plastic) products.


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